Wednesday, July 11, 2012

YAF @ GC: Day 5

The last day of the Young Adult Festival at the 77th General Convention was full of hugs and goodbyes.

Phone numbers were exchanged, friend requests made, and by the time I rolled out around noon I felt both exhausted and invigorated.

In the morning I also got to sit down for a nice chat with one of my favorite Episcobloggers, the Crusty Old Dean, a big thrill for me!

On the way back I again stopped at my brother's to pick up some wine and peaches I had picked (which turned into quite an excursion since my sister in law was stranded at the car dealership where her car was being worked on...) and I made it to Nashville by about 6 o'clock. Not bad time! I am glad to be off the road though--driving for long periods of time makes me turn into an old woman. My hip gets all stiff and I can't stand up straight for a few minutes.

Today I begin moving into my new apartment in Murfreesboro (if I can get my dad's truck...) and I am SO EXCITED to not be driving soooo much and to have more of a presence. I haven't been to my home parish very much since I came back due to me being sort of homeless...

Also, I really want to get some kind of young adult thing going at the Diocesan level. Another girl from my diocese, Rachel, was also at the YAF and we are kicking around some ideas. It would be so amazing to get at least ONE thing going for young adults in the Diocese of Tennessee!!

More to come on some of the resolutions that passed since I left. It's a great time to be Episcopalian!

Grace & Peace,

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