Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Be It Resolved: Same Sex Blessings and Restructuring Task Force

Two resolutions have created quite a buzz at GC77:

1. A resolution approving the liturgy for the blessing of same sex unions
2. A resolution creating a task force to explore restructuring the church

The approval of the liturgy for same-sex blessings is a HUGE deal, but it is still only provisional. Bishops still have the right to say "Not In My Diocese!" and the issue will be revisited at the next GC in Salt Lake City. (Boy that will be interesting..) I sat in on the House of Bishops when it came up for debate, and was a little surprised to see my Bishop get up as the first to speak in opposition. He spoke eloquently and intelligently, and it was very plain that he opposes it for well thought out theological reasons. (Not squicky reasons...) My priest pointed out to me that our bishop has a PhD and did his dissertation on Human Sexuality, so he has much to offer in the way of intelligent debate. However, the resolution did pass in both the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies, so it will be available for use starting in advent.

The restructuring of the church has been bouncing around for a while and there were something like 90 resolutions initially proposed. Well, the committee finally agreed on one and it was unanimously approved by the House of Deputies. (Doesn't look like the House of Bishops is going to reject it.) For a more in-depth look I recommend checking out this blog. What excited me about this resolution is the intentional inclusion of people under 35--those who will inherit whatever restructured church they come up with. I am full of hope for the future of this amazing church which I am a member of!

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