Monday, June 25, 2012


Hi there! Welcome to my new blog, continuation of the old blog. Since I am no longer in Hong Kong but still want to blog I figured a new site was in order. And here it is!

Some big changes have happened in my life in just the past few weeks. Instead of going to graduate school I talked to my priest about going through the discernment process with the Episcopal Church.

Lots of people have asked what exactly that means. In the Episcopal Church, if you want to become an ordained minister you and a group of people go through a process of discerning God's call in your life and how that translates into ordained ministry (as either a deacon or priest). In the Diocese of Tennessee this process takes about a year, so I will begin it next spring.

In the meantime I will be finishing up my final year of Education for Ministry, a distance education program through the University of the South's School of Theology. I'm looking forward to the next leg of this journey through life, and I hope you will come along with me. Aren't road trips more fun with dear friends? :)

Grace and Peace,

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