Saturday, July 7, 2012

YAF @ GC: Day 3

Wow!! What an incredible, star-studded day!

This morning I attended a panel about ministry with several prestigious Episcopalians speaking. Two people I am familiar with were there, Kim Robey from Anglican Women's Empowerment and Fr. Matthew Moretz of Father Matthew Presents. I was a little starry eyed at meeting such amazing people who do incredible work for the church. It is really inspirational to spend time and learn about their ministries and how they got involved.

After the panel Spencer and I headed to P.F. Chang's for lunch with the Asiamerica ministries and Global Partnership office, along with guests from all over the world. The Provincial Secretary from Hong Kong was there, Peter Koon, so it was nice to see him again. I met several other young adults who are involved with these ministries and we had a very pleasant lunch. Plus--YUM PF Chang's! :)

Since I didn't get to spend much time in the Exhibit hall yesterday I decided to head back and browse the bookstore and see some things I hadn't seen yesterday. I ended up with a stack of books that I am excited about and a few other things from booths around the hall.

At four o'clock I attended a workshop kinda thing about young adult ministry. We gathered together to talk about hurdles and successes and what we are hoping to see in the future in regard to young adult ministry. It was a great talk and I took a lot away from hearing the others' experiences.

Tonight was a BIG NIGHT though: The Young Adult Celebration. I felt like we should have had a red carpet with all of the awesome people who came by. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori spoke with us--so awesome to have her there with us. Some of my other heroes stopped by: Fr. Matthew, Fr. David Simmons, Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson (!!), Douglas Fenton, Kim Robey, and many other awesome people. Several groups got up to talk about young adult programs, namely the Episcopal Service Corps, the delegation to the UNCSW, and Spencer and I did a talk about YASC.

Another great day today here at the 77th General Convention. Tomorrow is my 27th birthday and I gotta say this is definitely one of the most memorable birthdays I have ever had. I am so lucky in this life I am living!! Thanks to everyone who makes it so amazing.

Grace and Peace,

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