Saturday, July 14, 2012

What Ails This Episcopalian

So, this article was published.

Scott Gunn and Bishop Kirk Smith have already responded to it with some facts, thank goodness.

I did a little digging on the author, though. Know thy enemy and all that. Turns out that Jay Akasie is a very Pro-Anglican (as in Traditional Faith & Values, ACNA) "Episcopalian" and this is not the first time Akasie has made slanderous and inaccurate comments about TEC.

My first response to this article is outrage. Indignant outrage. Sure, people can (and do) criticize the Episcopal Church. We can take it. But when criticism goes into false representation and slander (or I guess it would be libel since it was printed), it gets my dander up.

My second response is love. Not only should we know our enemies, but we also should love them. Clearly this person was wounded in the past by what he (or she?) saw as a beloved church breaking away from traditional faith and spirituality. Many Pro-Anglicans feel that way. I knew a man several years ago who was deeply torn by what was happening and ultimately chose to go with those who broke away. He went with his conscience and I can't fault him for that. He must go where he is spiritually nourished.

Sadly it seems that Akasie has turned this hurt into angry diatribes against TEC. It ails this Episcopalian that there is so much hurt and anger between us. After all, the mission of the Church is to bring reconciliation and healing to the world. Hopefully, God willing, someday we can reconcile with one another. For as long as this tear remains between us the Kingdom of Heaven is far away.

Jay Akasie, I pray that you find healing, hope, and love in your life. Whether it's with TEC or ACNA, I pray you are spiritually nourished and that you know you are well loved by God. And maybe, someday, you will look at that Episcopal Church Welcomes You sign and know, in your heart, that you truly are.

Grace & Peace,

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