Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life Update + God is Love

I'm not dead! I promise. Just busy and haven't been inspired to write in a while. This changes today!

It's been almost a month since my last post I realize. Too long.

Life is moving forward, sometimes fast, sometimes at a snail's pace. C'est la vie, no? Work has its fun moments, most of which come out of us fighting boredom. I'm lucky to have great co-workers who make work fun. I'm about to go through my first Gift season, which in cosmetics world is a big deal. Pre-selling, calling people, sending cards, placing orders, etc. It's a lot of work. I've never done one of these before; the previous cosmetics/skin care line I worked for didn't do a gift. Luckily, the lady whose counter I took over is going to come in and help show me the ropes so I'm optimistic. I have big numbers to make!

Education for Ministry class is amazing as ever. We have a HUGE class this year, which means we do common lessons as one big group and then our year lessons in small groups. It has been wonderful getting to know my classmates and building a great community. Year Four is about "theological issues" and picks up where Year Three ("Church History") leaves off. I have enjoyed reading about The Great Awakening, which for some reason is absolutely fascinating to me. American Christianity is so unique in how it developed and what it has grown into. Maybe that's why I'm such a church/history nerd...

In regards to my discernment process, the committee members have all agreed to serve and we are trying to set the date for our first meeting. I'm so overjoyed that everyone is able and willing to do this--it's rare that every person asked says yes! I'm hopeful that God will guide us through this process and that the outcome will be according to His will. Please continue to pray for this!

The project that two of my friends and I have been working on is complete and we are ready to post it online somewhere. I'm very excited to hear it and get it out there as it was a labor of love and these two guys really stepped up to make it awesome. I'm looking forward to continued work on this with them and to see what amazing things come out of it. More on this later!

This morning I served as Eucharistic Minister at the 8:30 service. To my surprise, and delight, the Choristers were singing as kind of a mini-choir. They were SO sweet. They processed in with us and sat back where the choir sits. Their little voices always bring tears to my eyes. The processional was "God is Love", which is beautiful in itself. The second verse really tugged at my heart and I found myself kind of whisper singing.

God is Love; and love enfolds us,
all the world in one embrace:
with unfailing grasp God holds us,
every child of every race.
And when human hearts are breaking
under sorrow's iron rod,
then we find that self-same aching
deep within the heart of God.

God loves us, ALL of us, and when we suffer God suffers with us. Moreso, as when a parent watches their own child suffering. Think about how much it hurts to watch a child suffer, or your own child suffer, and how you would do anything, ANYTHING to ease it. That is how God feels for us, His own children. I find so much comfort in knowing this. 

Grace and Peace,

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